1. We appeal to logic and business sustainability – It is in Zettatel’s business to make it easier for our clients to be more profitable, organized and efficient. Integrating our business solutions into the client’s business models will, by means of active, efficient and effective communication, convert potentials into long-term sales and growth
  2. We have great features, but the solutions we offer are more important. Our pride is not that we have great features, but that these great features provide solutions to every company’s problem. Reaching customers. We acknowledge that there’s more to speaking to a client than just selling to them. You’d also like to communicate care by offering discounts, wishing them well or just generally being a constant reliable presence in their considerations.
  3. Consideration of the buyer’s journey – Apart from that we would like to meet and greet our clients, we don’t really need to. However, this is not on a bad note. It’s just that our buyer’s journey is fool-proof and almost completely autonomous without breaking a sweat. From the moment you start out to when you’d like to renew your contract with us, you run the show. We’ll be here to provide support only when needed. Your security is guaranteed.
  4. We focus on the bottom line- While your consumers are primarily seeking an experience, your business is primarily seeking profitability and sustainability. We know you are more interested in statistics, results and numbers. To engage in a reliable communication system is to be able to forecast acceptability and receive feedback that would have otherwise cost you in losses.
  5. We help you stay in business– Zettatel may not give you ways to make money- unless you are a reseller. However, we will help you in the streamlining of your operations. Nothing causes much loses to any company than failing to listen and address their customer’s concerns.
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