Zettatel Communications Limited is a telecommunications aggregator business with keen interest in Communication as a Platform services and Premium Rated Services by the Mobile Network Operators.

Our mission: To promote reliable, timely and authentic means of mobile communication that will enable reachability and help promote the penetration of personalized information/communication in Kenya and Africa at large.

We are driven by the vision of seeing Africa at the front of communication channels. This, with information production and consumption that is at par, or even ahead of other continents; and to do so in a manner that promotes the honest story about our continent.

With an increasing need in simple, secure and swift communication modes, Zettatel seeks to offer bulk SMS as a base service to be supplemented with Mobile Surveys, WhatsApp Business API integrations and Airtime disbursement services. Clients need a one stop shop for all their online communication platforms. We aim to achieve this every day by working towards that goal.

Pan-African and International organizations also consistently express the need to share information with their Kenyan clients. As a registered and licensed aggregator, Zettatel will look to bridge the communication need between producers, service providers and their international clients. The vice-versa is also true.

We have a competitive and business advantage in skill and product. Zettatel hopes to earn your business and trust in a saturated telecommunications field. This is because we have a keen interest in high quality service provision and superior systems. Relationship management is our company culture.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a business requirement we have to meet, it is our very DNA. Zettatel is interested and already involved in other-business activities that promote social and societal sustainability.

Now you know us a little too well 🙂

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