Bulk SMS make a perfect niche for retailers or resellers as they are called in the telecoms industry.

On the Zettatel SMS software, we have two types of accounts. A customer account and a reseller account. A customer account is for one user who intends to use the account by themselves for their own purposes. A Reseller account gives a client the ability to create sub-users in their account and supply the bulk SMS services to other customers or clients.

Why Reselling?

Usually, Resellers are our tech-savvy friends who have the knowledge of API integrations, white-labeling, and most importantly, value addition.

API integrations are the holy grail of Telecommunications, specifically bulk communication and Fintech (Financial Technology). The reason is simple; integrations make it easy and fast to conduct business. This is especially through automation. For example, an organization that sends you an acknowledgement SMS once you send them money through Mpesa, have taken advantage of API integrations. Automation gives the sender effectiveness and efficiency, especially where the SMSs are transactional in nature.

White labelling ensures that the client only has to interact with you (the Reseller) as a brand. You can use your own website, system, logo and any other thing that makes you unique.  You will have no interference from us. We only provide you with the SMS and sender IDs at your convenience.

Value addition is the most important bit. Zettatel has a product that works for everyone but a Reseller could custom make a product for their target market. We may not be able to cover all industries in all their depth, but as a Reseller, you may know the specific needs of an industry you have worked for or with. We advise you to take advantage of such a niche.

These details are in addition to profit-making and the market presence you will create in your digital marketing solutions.

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