Bulk SMS is a term most commonly used to describe marketing campaigns through the use of SMS. An SMS campaign is a method of business marketing that enables your brand to interact with customers via text messages. They have a lot in common with email campaigns. SMS campaigns are however more effective in building a personalized interaction between the customers and your company. 


At Zettatel Communications we provide you with top of the line bulk SMS services. Our reliable SMS APIs are not focused on simple and boring text messages but we provide you with a vast range of options for SMS campaigns. Researches from all over the world have proven that almost 65% of consumers prefer text messages as compared to emails and almost two-thirds of these people agree to using text messages for making purchases, booking appointments, or getting information from the company. 


Zettatel Communication helps businesses all over Africa to reach out to any kind of target audience according to their business needs. Bulk SMS is not only used for marketing your business it is used for delivering business-critical pin codes, notifications, alerts and relevant communications to your clients. These are known as transactional SMS services.


You might wonder that how the system of bulk SMS and SMS API works; every time you want to send a customized SMS to your clients an automation request will be created, then Zettatel Communications servers will take over. They are converted into protocols which are transferred over to mobile networks. The network operators forward messages to clients which we provided them. They network operators respond about the status of the delivery that Zettatel Communications will present to you. For sending notifications, alerts, or codes the requests are generated by your customer, which is received by servers, and then the message is forwarded to the client. All of this happens through an automation system.


We offer state-of-the-art bulk SMS services at the best rates, we empower you in connecting with people all over Kenya and we have been successful in achieving that through our connections with telecommunication operators and vendors all over Kenya. Sign up with us today.

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