Short codes are also a form of Bulk SMS. The differences from the usual bulk SMS forms however are:

  1. Short codes are a uniquely registered set of numbers to identify your message. Regular bulk SMS services use Alpha-numeric sender IDs, which are usually made of letters and symbols.
  2. Short codes are enabled to receive responses through various integrations of the API. Alpha-numeric sender IDs don’t usually support responses.
  3. Since responses are received, they could be analyzed for data insights. We offer these services too.
  4. Short codes could be dedicated or shared. Shared short codes are used when a client would like to use a short code but may not be interested in registering their own. Or that they wouldn’t want to incur the costs that come with it. Dedicated short codes are allocated to a certain client and they are responsible for its use and maintenance.
  5. Short codes usually have a monthly maintenance fee. The purchase of a regular Alpha-numeric sender ID is a one-time fee unless there are ownership transfers.
  6. Short codes are usually determined by the network operators. This is based on the type of industry your organization is in or the use case for the short code itself.

Short codes are very useful to companies and organizations that have user feedback at the base of their marketing and reach strategies. Their notable and most profitable difference is the ability to do one bulk message and receive various forms of responses. Short codes are also suitable for open-ended answers ensuring you get the client’s full experiences feedback.

If getting to know more about your clients is at the top of your needs, talk to us about short codes!

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