Every company spends hours talking to their clients, solving their problems or just carrying out the usual business dealings. For this, they spend a lot of money on airtime. Airtime is the time that you spend on your mobile phone while being connected to your mobile phone network. It includes taking calls, sending messages, and using mobile data. Mostly when we talk about airtime usage of companies, we are talking about making calls. Airtime is a basic need for every medium and large-scale business. If they don’t get affordable airtime services then they could end up wasting a lot of money over it.

Zettatel Communications provides efficient airtime distribution services instantly to mobile subscribers at the most cost-effective packages; our mission is to deliver seamless access for digital operators all over Kenya,

Using Zettatel Communications airtime distribution your company can save a lot of money because our airtime APIs attract discounts on every transaction you make. We will deliver notifications to you as soon as we receive the success of the airtime transfer message or in the rare case of failure on all airtime requests.

We have highly efficient technology for handling a high volume of airtime requests at one time. Our airtime gateway can handle millions of requests without any delay. With every airtime transaction that you perform using Zettatel Communications, you will get a discount that you can be utilized for monetizing your API calls.

Through our airtime you can also make small payments to your vendors. Virtual airtime is a handy solution for making micropayments to a large number of people. Through our virtual airtime distribution, you can easily make micropayments as well as earn discounts.

One of the best uses for airtime is that it can be used for delivering incentives and rewards. Whether you want to reward your team members for their small efforts or if you need to motivate your customers for filling out your company’s survey responses. They can also be effectively used in the promotion of your brand. For instance, you can reward some airtime to people who share your content. This is/can be a good way for running marketing campaigns.

Our airtime services are super affordable and we offer huge discounts as well. For rates, see the pricing table below. If you want to earn the benefits of mobile airtime from Zettatel Communication APIs, sign up today.

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