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The African Farmer

According to a 2019 McKinsey report on ‘Winning in Africa’s Agricultural market’, the opportunity for growth in African countries lies in cost competitiveness, land expansion, and farmer productivity to the potential of 155% increased yield. While the other two are dependent on huge capital injections, farmer productivity is largely a matter of African resolution.

Arguably, farming was practiced in Africa before the colonial era. The Agrarian Revolution of the Neolithic period in the Middle East is said to have spread and farming was taken up with simple tools. When the Agricultural Revolution of the 17th to 19th century in Europe happened, Africa was left behind on the new strategies of crop rotation and fertilizer manufacture. With the invention of farm machinery and new sources of energy such as coal and steam, mechanization increased to aid in farm productivity.

We are all caught up on machinery.

Now, the majority of Africa is all caught up in agricultural mechanization. That said, the African farmer is not where they ought to be with the new technological advancements that are going on.


The African Telecommunication’s company

The Digital Revolution of the 21st century or the Information and Telecommunications revolution is still in the process of unfolding. Unlike the previous revolutions, to this show, Africa gets to have a front seat along with the rest of the continents.

Companies have put their developers to task by creating a mobile platform or app that centralizes the farmer’s experience. Their apps have been well arranged with a user interface that allows for the agricultural stakeholders to access the necessary information and act accordingly. The thought process involved is well planned and allows the user to even engage with others in their communities. This is great technological advancement and Africa is excited about it.

However, the African scene is hindered by one big challenge; internet penetration rates are low. Africa is catching up but not at the same level as other continents with regard to access to the internet.

According to a fact sheet on Mobile Internet connectivity by GSMA, only 30% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa could afford the cheapest internet phone. This has definitely improved from 2014’s 16%. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done. In the process, 70% of the people are missing out on crucial information.

Of this 70%, lies most of the farmers. This is due to two factors:

  1. Farming in Africa is mostly carried out in rural areas. Internet access, as well as literacy, are a major challenge.
  2. Mostly subsistent in nature, farming in Africa

A solution

This is where Zettatel Communications comes in. Because internet connectivity is difficult, we help establish non-online mobile connections with the agricultural stakeholders.

Our bulk SMS platform provides a ‘developer first’ approach. The aim from the beginning has been to make the process of integration as easy as ABC. The technicalities are many. We have great features but it is not for this that we think you should engage us.

In business, we are service providers, but at heart, we are solution givers. We would like to help you reach that remote farmer who goes to the town centers once in two weeks. We would like that they get prepared for the rains on the weather forecast because they got an SMS alert in their location. It would please us more, maybe even motivate us, if the yield increases seen would be attributed to quicker and safer access to information.

Our prices are affordable for use cases such as these, those that will promote our African story of victory. It Is our hope that you will consider us to walk with you on this great journey.



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