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Zettatel Communications Limited is a telecommunications aggregator business. We have keen interest in Communication as a Platform (CPaaS) services and Premium Rated Services (PRS).

Our mission is to promote reliable, timely and authentic means of mobile communication. This will enable our reachability and help promote the penetration of personalized information in Kenya and Africa at large. Our statement, as may be deduced from our logo, is to provide simple, secure and swift information transfer with a-z coverage of the same.

We are driven by the vision of seeing Africa at the front of the production and consumption of information. This should be at par, or even ahead of other continents. We aim to do so in a manner that promotes the honest story about our continent. Our goal is to ensure we tell our own African stories to each other, and then to the world.

Join us in this journey that we are passionate about! We hope to walk with you.

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